Running calf injury: understanding, healing, preventing

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How to heal his calf contractures made running

I would like to share with you, fellow runners, this excellent article from HealthSport Magazine: “Calf Slam Auto-Rehabilitation“. It’s not for nothing, because Sunday, without getting to the breakdown, I still hurt. And this article will have frankly enlightened me on the reasons and given a path to prevention. I was talking last night with the chairman of the local french gymnastic committee after a meeting, and we agreed that 10 riders = 10 tips = 10 training methods. So, take the following of this article as my only reading and keep what you want.

My history

I injured my left calf for the first time during the preparation of the marathon of Toulouse metropolis in September 2012. I chained the long outings, without pushing too much cardio and that day, I run very slowly with a beginner colleague. A “recovery” in sum … While I was little over 100 bpm cardio, I felt a tip to the calf. I walk back and decide to leave “test this”. 600 m further: CLONG !! Fatal …. The radio has “shown something” but nothing obvious. In any case, not a breakdown. A month of rest and a slight recovery still allowed me to run the marathon (3:46 for my first).
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