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Here are some reviews of the photography books I own and the list of books I am thinking of buying. I first put forward art books or artists and then learning books. Will follow the list of my wishes to come.

Art books or artist books

L’épreuve du Temps – Nikos Aliagas

Those who do not know the TV host just for his shows, I think, are next to a great photographer. Those who follow his Instagram account @nikosaliagas or his flickr account have probably already realized. “L’épreuve du temps” is his first (to my knowledge) book of photographs. He also exhibited them in Paris and in the provinces. These black and white renderings (for the totality it seems to me well) are deep and strong. The texts that accompany the photographs are as licked as the book is beautiful … almost too much. But this is not what makes the quality of this book is the slap that we take each time we turn a new page. It is very frankly a book that I advise!

Retrospective 1975-2015 – Josef Hoflehner

If you are looking for a nice book to offer, take this retrospective of the work of Josef Hoflehner. The book is very beautiful both on the content and on the container. The realization is very clean, according to the photographs it contains.

Les grands photographes du XXe siècle

Their names are Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Philippe Halsman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Seydou Keyta and Raymond Depardon. They concluded the nineteenth century and opened the twentieth by fixing the now immutable colors. By seizing a moment, a moment, a look, they upset the photographic art and forever changed the vision of the world and things. Their clichés, witnesses of history, social revolutions, misery, suffering or human dramas, but also the beauty of beings and elements, have become icons.

Learning books

L’oeil du photographe et l’art de la composition – Michael Freeman

What the public expects from a photograph is above all to be surprised and seduced. What he expects from a good photographer is a personal and effective way of composing his images.
Popular throughout the world for more than 10 years, this book has allowed hundreds of thousands of photographers to master the rules of composition: to perceive the potential of an image, to keep control over the frame and to organize the disorder that occurs. unfolds in front of the lens to produce a true and captivating image. This bestseller finds a second youth on the occasion of this new edition, for which his more than 200 photographs have been remastered.
Thanks to this mythical book, develop your photographer’s eye and learn to compose unforgettable images.

Wish List

Ordered by priority

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