How to automatically synchronize your Lightroom Classic settings between several computers?

You may have said to yourself one day that it would be good to find the same Lightroom Classic settings between your different workstations. Maybe between work and home. Maybe by the way, between Windows and macOS. You have found it convenient that, regardless of the system, you can open the same catalog. But, apart from that, you cannot find your filters, your texts and above all, your presets. What if you could do it within the entire team or the entire studio?

All you need is a subscription to a free cloud storage provider like Amazon Prime, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive or your own owncloud or NAS. But, you must have installed their automatic synchronization tool.

In this article, I will explain how to synchronize all of this, automatically and live, regardless of the system of your computers, macOS or Windows and regardless of the number of computers.

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Flight over the salt marshes in Frontignan (France)

These rushes had been lying around on my disc for a while, I decided to edit them. Here is the video, filmed in August 2018 in Frontignan with my Mavic Air. It was early evening.

I hope you like it and, as it is customary to say, put a little 👍🏼 and subscribe to the channel if you like these videos.This video will be added to the list of those on the page that I dedicated to this drone.

Frii Designs updates its TriLens to support Fujifilm X mount

I discovered this summer the great product proposed by Frii Designs: TriLens ! It is an adapter that attaches to your belt and that takes up to 3 lenses around a turntable. It allows you to easily have and change your lenses ! Each space remains compartmentalized which avoids the diffusion of dust between the lenses. It is securely attached to the belt obviously avoiding falling and also frees the hands to change the lens!

So I took it upon myself in July 2019 to contact the company (announced on the Fujifilm support forum on Facebook) to ask them if they would eventually adapt TriLens for Fujifilm-x mount.

Jonas Lundin (CEO and founder of Frii Designs) wrote me today to tell me the good news : Yes, there is a first batch of TriLens for Fujifilm X Mount availlable in their online shop in limited quantity as the first batch.

If you grab one, would you please leave your thoughts in a comment down below ?

Reviews on the DJI Robin-SC, the Ronin-S for mirrorless

The release of the DJI Ronin-SC stabilizer that I talked about yesterday revived my desire to have in my equipment a gimbal able to compensate for the lack of stabilization of my Fujifilm X-t20. I had watched a lot of Zhiyun weebill lab 3 but could not make up my mind …

The arrival of the Ronin-SC changes a little the deal, especially since it is cheaper.

Here is, in this article, a reminder of its main features and a compilation of opinions available on the web (and mainly YouTube)


The Ronin-SC is the little brother of DJI Ronin-S. At this point, it is much lighter since it exceeds barely the kilogram but in return, it will not support a assembly of 2 kilos maximum. As such, it is still necessary to check the compatibility matrix provided by DJI ( to make sure that your set box and lens is compatible ( see my news yesterday for Fujifilm). Some videos show that some mirrorless box, pushed back to balance the lens, come into abutment and block an axis of the gimbal (Canon Eos R)

For the rest, it has all the features of the Ronin-S without sacrificing a lot of life since it would hold 10 hours against 11, noted in a video. It therefore allows

  • Stabilization on 3 axes
  • Switch in sport mode and selfie
  • 360 ° roll rotation
  • Tracking targets with ActiveTrack 3 (Via phone)
  • Motorized timelapse (via phone)
  • Tracking phone movements (copy of rotations)
  • Smartphone support
  • For the combo pro version: focus engine and focus wheel associated


normal Pack

pro combo Pack

The pro combo pack also contains the entire Follow Focus system: lens rings, focus motor, mounting rod and accessories)

Reviews compilation

The first opinions are rather comforting because they denote very few differences with the Ronin-S apart from what it is able to handle. The features are complete and very interesting for a relatively low price range and complete accessories. You still have to verify that it will be compatible with your arsenal but if you are looking for a stabilizer for your mirrorless case, the DJI Ronin-SC is the choice to be made at this time

Test videos

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