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The arrival of the Mavic Air, the first small-scale Dji drone to film at 4k, came at the same time as I went back into photography. It immediately appeared to me as the ideal companion for my photo walks but also our hikes. The size was therefore essential and force is to note, once it is there, that it is everywhere.

It is excessively easy to manipulate. Having never had, or even tried a drone, here is the video of us all first moments: me, as a pilot and him, as a drone 🙂

Immediately, I opted for the pack combo fly more, to have a maximum of flight time (2 batteries more), a storage bag and a charging rack at lower cost.

You can find this pack now at  Amazon or directly to Dji store

I recently added a set of ND filters for the Mavic Air. I did not take the Polar Pro that seem to me expensive (Amazon) but I opted for this FreeWell pack found on Amazon :

Applications used (with my iPhone):

Official Dji Go 4 app

[appbox appstore 1170452592]

Maintenance :

[appbox appstore 699413553]

Other flight applications

[appbox appstore 1059218666]

[appbox appstore 1031764016]

Flight information

[appbox appstore 1042824733]

[appbox appstore 947641516]

[appbox appstore 1181605276]

Films I have created (newest first)

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