Samyang 12mm F/2.0 NCS CS

Samyang 12mm F/2.0 NCS CS (see on eGlobalCentral or amazon)

Samyang 12mm F/2.0

Order date: january 2018
Reseller: (239,99€ alors)

I basically bought this Samyang 12mm F2.0 to take it on a hike for very wide-angle and night photos of the sky. It is available in Fuji X mount (Amazon or eGlobalCentral).

In deep

It is manual focusing, but it is of very little importance for this type of shooting. It is easy to set up the help to focus manually, based on the highlights, and associate it with one of the keys on the back of the box.

NCS : Means it has a high performance anti-glare Nano Coating (NCS) treatment

CS : Means this is a lens for “Crop Sensor” case

Gallery (see the dedicated folder on flickr)

Winter morning on the baseball field
L'entrée de la grotte du Mas d'Azil
Le volvestre
Winter morning on the baseball field
Pech David
Le pin

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