Samyang 50mm F/1.2 AS UMC CS

Samyang 50mm F/1.2 AS UMC CS (infos sur eGlobalCentral ou Amazon)

Samyang 50mm F/1.2
Samyang 50mm F/1.2

Date of purchase: April 2018
Reseller: (315 € then)

I basically bought this Samyang 50mm to work on the portrait and benefit from a significant opening. Of course, just like the Samyang 12mm I already have, it is manual focus only.
It is available in Fuji X mount (Amazon ou eGlobalCentral).

En détail

For portraiture and with maximum aperture, it can be tricky to have the focus point exactly where you want it, especially since the magnification of the viewfinder of the X-T20 is not extraordinary. On the other hand, very clearly, the bokeh is magnificent and the portraits sublime. If you want to try it, don’t hesitate !!

AS : Means it has aspherical lenses to limit distortion

UMC : Means it has an Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) anti-reflective treatment

CS : Means that it is an optic for “Crop Sensor” device

Gallery (see dedicated album on flickr)

Champagne !!