How to automatically synchronize your Lightroom Classic settings between several computers?

You may have said to yourself one day that it would be good to find the same Lightroom Classic settings between your different workstations. Maybe between work and home. Maybe by the way, between Windows and macOS. You have found it convenient that, regardless of the system, you can open the same catalog. But, apart from that, you cannot find your filters, your texts and above all, your presets. What if you could do it within the entire team or the entire studio?

All you need is a subscription to a free cloud storage provider like Amazon Prime, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive or your own owncloud or NAS. But, you must have installed their automatic synchronization tool.

In this article, I will explain how to synchronize all of this, automatically and live, regardless of the system of your computers, macOS or Windows and regardless of the number of computers.


You need:

  • An account with an online storage provider: Amazon Prime, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or a NAS space accessible to all computers
  • Have installed and configured the synchronization program corresponding to the service you wish to use


Be careful of the data that you might want to synchronize with these services. For security, I can only tell you to be extremely careful with cloud storage providers. They are generally American and fall under the scope of the Cloud Act and Patriot Act, even if they say they are hosted in France or in the EU.


In my example, I will take a OwnCloud synchronization tools. I will create at the root of the storage a directory dedicated to the synchronization of parameters which I will name “X_SyncSettings” (so that it is at the end and does not interfere in alphabetical order. It will be necessary to replace in the paths <YOUR_ACCOUNT> by the true name of your user account on the machine, so it will be in the following location:

  • macOS: /Users/<YOUR_ACCOUNT>/OwnCloud/X_SyncSettings
  • Windows : c:\Users\<YOUR_ACCOUNT>\OwnCloud\X_SyncSettings

Principle of operation

2 directories are to be synchronized. The one that contains all the Lightroom parameters and the one that contains the presets which is associated with the “Camera Raw” application. We will use the symbolic link system available on each system to redirect these two directories in a completely transparent manner for LIghtroom to synchronize. Thus the Lightroom program will have the impression of working in the same directory as usual while the files will be written in the synchronized part in the cloud. For its part, the synchronization tool will only see fire as it will be content to do what it knows how to do perfectly: synchronize files in the cloud between X computers

Note: Lightroom loads its files at startup. It will not update with the files received until the next start.

Note: this principle works for a whole bunch of other programs

The next page will describe the technical implementation of the solution

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